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Student Portal Names Overview

Within your Student Portal, you may notice that there are two sets of name fields to identify you.

As a candidate, you are unable to change the values of either set of names.

Your primary account name is based on your first and last names associated with your Nokia account. You can see your Nokia account first and last name in your Student Portal profile.


There is an optional set of names (Legal/Alternate) that can be used to identify yourself (used for written exam registrations) which you can view by clicking the "Update profile" link in your profile.



Primary Name

Your primary name within the Student Portal is what is associated with your Nokia account.

Your primary names is used populating your name into such things as purchases, eDiplomas, plaques, and digital badges.

If you are a non-Nokia employee, you can update your Nokia Account name by logging into your Nokia account profile at where you can change your name.

If you are a Nokia employee, you are not able to update your name.

Legal/Alternate Name

Your legal/alternate name is optional and can only be updated by Learning Services personal.

Your legal/alternate name (if populated) will be used when registering for written exams rather than your primary name.

Your name MUST match what is displayed on your id/documentation which you will use to verify yourself when arriving to an exam.

When registering for a written exam, you can verify if you have an "Alternate Testing Name" (which will be your Alternate/Legal name if populated)


If your primary name does not match what is on your ID, you must contact and request that your student profile be updated with a different legal name for examination purposes.

Please provide Learning Services with the following:

Please update my Student Portal with the following:

Legal First Name:

Legal Middle Name:

Legal Last Name:


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