How do I register and pay for a lab exam?

You can schedule your exam by logging in to the lab exam registration tool: .

Please follow the steps below to submit your lab exam purchase request:

  1. At the bottom of the page, select "Purchase Lab Exam". This will take you to the lab exam registration page.
  2. Select the lab exam you would like to register for and the exam location.
  3. Review the displayed information and submit your request by selecting "Next" then "Submit" on the following page.

*We will receive your lab exam purchase request and review it for eligibility requirements within one to two business days*

If you are registering for a virtual lab exam, please note you will be required to complete a successful testing session to confirm your PC meets the virtual lab exam delivery requirements, prior to the processing of your lab exam purchase request. 

You will be provided with the lab exam payment instructions to make your payment through the Student Portal upon a successful testing session, followed by an email with instructions to select one of the available lab exam dates.

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