eDiplomas, Tiles and Plaques FAQ

Which certifications offer tiles, plaques, and diplomas?

The following certifications currently offer tiles, plaques and diplomas:

When do I get a ediploma?

As of January 1st, 2022, we are no longer be mailing certification diplomas. The new eDiplomas will be accessible in the new Student Portal on February 24th, 2022.  Please visit the following site A New Student Portal Experience

When will I receive a plaque and tiles?

Upon request in the Student Portal, once you have passed at least two exams in SRC, Nuage or ONC, Nokia will recognize your achievements by sending you a personalized exam progress plaque and the corresponding exam tiles for exams you have passed. For each subsequent exam in the certification that you pass, an exam tile will be sent to you.

Where do I place tiles on my Plaque?

You can place the tiles in any order you choose on the plaque. You can see an exam of tile placement on a plaque in the following attachment SRC Plaque Example.

Why have I not received my fulfillment?

Shipments are made within 8-12 weeks of your request after successful exam completion. However, given the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be delays in the shipment of your fulfillment materials. To ensure proper delivery, you will need to verify your postal address in the Nokia Student Portal. To do so, log in to the Nokia Student Portal and confirm your address information. Materials will not ship until your postal address is verified.

Please contact learning.services@nokia.com for a status on your plaque and tiles.

Can I change my address after my materials have shipped?

The fulfillment was shipped to the address that you verified in the Student Portal. In order for you to receive this fulfillment, you will need to update your address in the Student Portal and contact learning.services@nokia.com to redirect the materials. The returned fulfillment will be redirected to the updated mailing address.

I have an Alcatel-Lucent branded plaque. I want to purchase/replace it with a Nokia plaque.

The SRC plaques and tiles have been re-branded to Nokia; however, there is no plan to replace the existing plaques and tiles currently in distribution. The new tiles were designed to fit on the existing plaques.

Can I buy a plaque?

No, plaques are not available for purchase.

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