How to Recertify Your Certification


When can I recertify my certification?

You can recertify at any time. Please note, however, that you must recertify prior to your certification termination date.

What is the difference between a certification expiration and termination date?

A certification expiry date is the date three years after your certification was first awarded. You can still recertify your credentials while they are in an expired state. You must, however, recertify prior to your termination date.

A certification termination date is the date six months after your expiration date, at which point you must restart your certification track if you did not recertify before this date. 

How do I recertify my certification?

Each certification within our programs has a unique set of requirements for recertification. Please visit the recertification page associated with the certification program you are interested in to find more information on recertification.


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