Courseware DRM overview: Access, devices, permissions

What is DRM?

DRM (Digital Rights Management) allows authors to protect their work from theft and unnecessary access while ensuring that authorized users can easily access their material.

Accessing the courseware files on your work or home PC

To access your courseware on your work or home PC, you will require the following:

  • DRM username and password
    • You should receive a DRM username/password when you are assigned a set of courseware. Your DRM username/password will be the same for all DRM protected courseware that is assigned to you.
  • PC
    • Windows PC running: XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or
      Macintosh running: Mac OS 10.6+
  • Latest Adobe Reader DC (
  • Internet connection
  • FileOpen plug-in for AdobeReader. You can download/install the plug-in from:

The first time you try to access a protected document on your PC (assuming you have installed the FileOpen plug-in), you will be prompted for the username/password. Once you enter the username/password, you will be able to access the document. Subsequent attempts to open the document on the same PC will not require a username/password.

What permissions do I have on courseware?

The DRM policy allows you to:

  • Access your courseware on up to 6 different machines
  • Open the document
  • Print the document
  • Save annotations/comments

Can I view the courseware offline?

The first time you open DRM-protected courseware, you must be connected to the internet. Assuming you have already accessed your courseware on a specific device, you can continue to re-access it on said device for up to seven (7) days without an internet connection. After seven days, you will need to reconnect to the internet and provide login details again in order to access the material.

On what devices can I view the courseware?

You can access your material on up to six (6) devices. However, if you would like to access the material on more devices, please contact to place a request for more devices. When contacting Learning Services, please be sure to outline why you are requesting access to additional devices.

Can I view the files on my mobile devices?

Viewing courseware on mobile devices is not officially supported nor recommended, as the material can be large and difficult to read on a small screen. However, FileOpen does feature apps you can download on various mobile operating systems; you may choose to authorize your mobile devices and view material on them at your discretion.

To open the courseware on your phone, the FileOpen plug used to access the DRM protected courseware is also available as an iOS/Android app. You can download it here:   
*Please note, however, that Nokia does not provide any official support for the app.*

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