My Nokia Learning Labs

More than just a lab service, My Nokia Learning Labs offers lab exercises complete with inline instructions and solutions, giving you everything you need in one easy-to-use interface.  

The lab interface is designed to make connections with the various lab elements seamlessly.  Users are automatically logged into most network nodes simply by opening one of the interface tabs.  

The My Nokia Learning Labs currently supports the following SRC and DCF course lab types:

  • My DCF Learning Labs
    • Data Center Fabric Fundamentals
    • Programming SR Linux
    • Fabric Services System
    • SR Linux EVPN and DCI
  • My SR Learning Labs (NRS I and NRS II based labs)
    • IP Networks and Service Fundamentals
    • IS-IS Routing Protocol
    • OPSF Routing Protocol
    • BGP Fundamentals for Services
    • MPLS
    • Services Architecture

For more information related the the My Learning Labs service, please visit:

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